Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bedtime stories

continuing my regimen for strange dreams (100mg melatonin, 300mg b6, surreal entertainment), I came across an interesting story

from Jorge Luis Borges' "Covered Mirrors"
"Islam tells us that on the unappealable Day of Judgement, all who have perpetrated images of living things will reawaken with their works, and will be ordered to blow life into them, and they will fail, and they and their works will be cast into the fires of punishment. As a child, I knew that horror of the spectral duplication or multiplication of reality, but mine would come as I stood before large mirrors. As soon as it began to grow dark outside, the constant, infallible functioning of mirrors, the way they followed my every movement, their cosmic pantomime, would seem eerie to me. One of my insistent please to God and my guardian angel was that I not dream of mirrors; I recall clearly that I would keep an eye on them uneasily; I feared sometimes that they would begin to veer off from reality; other times, that I would see  my face in them disfigured by strange misfortunes."

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